MyVehiclePlus Products

Business Apps

MyVehiclePlus Business apps are customisable apps designed for companies within the automotive industry.

Your app is tailored to your services and inventory, and branded with your logo and preferred colour scheme.

These apps are designed to engange and retain existing customers, attract prospective customers and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

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CarsHub App

Are you in the market for a new car? Or simply an enthusiast for all things automotive?

CarsHub is a free app that brings the latest news and reviews for all new cars within Australia to your fingertips.

We have collaborated with multiple expert journalists and a trusted car database to bring you an engaging and informative tool which will be the only one you need to research your new car.

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Provide Content

Do you create original automotive content? We have a platform to show it off.

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Advertise with Us

Advertise to a highly targeted and engaged audience on our apps.

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