Why Invest in a Mobile App?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

No more wasting time, money and effort on acquiring irrelevant leads. Use a cost, time and energy efficient system that brings engaged and highly targeted prospects to you.

The Age of the App is Here

It is now not only a case of owning a mobile app for a competitive edge, it is about not falling behind your competitors that are already there, or soon will be!

Apps are no longer unknown territory and the message is clear – if you are not reaching your audience via a mobile app, you will lose out to competitors that are.


Align Yourself with Customer Trends and Expectations

Customers now expect professional businesses to provide a mobile app for easy and convenient access to all the information they require. It is critical to be offering the information they want, and expect, in order to progress.

This does not lessen the importance of physical dealerships. Most car buyers will still visit the dealership during or after their online research. The key is to harmonise the relationship between the digital and traditional dealership offerings to produce the ultimate service process.

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Business Apps

Customisable apps designed for companies within the automotive industry.

Engage and retain existing and prospective customers and provide exceptional customer service.

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CarsHub App

Are you in the market for a new car? Or simply an enthusiast for all things automotive?

This free app brings all the latest news and reviews from multiple expert sources to your fingertips.

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Provide Content

Do you create original automotive content?

Providing news and reviews for the MyVehiclePlus apps is a great way to promote your content to a wide and engaged audience.

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Advertise with Us

Advertising on MyVehiclePlus apps gives your business the opportunity to reach a highly specific and alert audience.

There are a variety of options and packages available to best suit your requirements and budget.

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