MyVehiclePlus Business Apps

MyVehiclePlus provides your automotive business with an innovative and engaging personalized mobile app to optimise and increase your digital performance.

We have collaborated with multiple automotive journalists to provide diverse news and reviews content, along with many other useful and informative features to help car buyers engage with your inventory.

Achieve your Digital Potential in the Automotive Industry


  • Fully branded mobile app with your logo and preferred colour scheme
  • Multiple search functions to cater to a variety of search criteria
  • News and Reviews articles from multiple expert journalists
  • In depth specifications about your vehicles, updated from the glass’ database
  • Calculate estimated finance and running costs for any vehicle
  • Sharing tool via email, sms and social media

Key Benefits for your Business

Increase Brand Awareness

The uniquely diverse, engaging and informative research experience provided by our apps results in a greater understanding and appreciation for your brand.

Generate Leads

The varied content and in depth data about your specific vehicles equips your customers with the information they need to feel confident in their choice, while also making the enquiry process hassle free and seamless.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

There is a high expectation for businesses to offer a mobile app to their customers. By offering this service you are setting yourself against your competitors that already own an app, or soon will!

Customer Retention

Through push notifications and in-app promotions, a branded mobile app keeps you at the top of the list for after-purchase needs and promotes brand loyalty.

MyManagement Portal

This is your web-based management system which allows you to efficiently manage and maintain your app and all leads generated by it.

The features of this portal are tailored to your specific app based on the features you are utilizing. It ensures the user experience is always seamless, and your productivity is maximized.


View notifications, leads generated and overall tasks to be completed via a unique log in for both Management and Staff.


Select your inventory from all current cars available on Glass’ and determine which stock appears on your app.

You can also set ‘featured cars’ and advertise promotions within the app.

Dealer Options

Select your dealer options, such a window tint and paint colour, and assign them to specific cars in your showroom.


Monthly reports contain valuable insights into your dealership app and management portal.

Use these to determine areas of success and improvement.


These additional services are designed to improve lead generation, conversion rates and customer retention. These add-ons result in a comprehensive end-to-end digital solution to maximise your dealerships online results.

Enquiry Enabler

This feature allows your users to directly and seamlessly request a quote from the app. This improves your customers experience and also transforms the app into a useful lead acquisition tool for you.

Contact Channel

This allows users to directly call your dealership or book a test drive within the app to improve customer experience. This also provides two extra avenues for you to acquire leads and connect with prospective customers.

Ad Blocker

Block external advertisements on the app and allow users an interference-free searching environment. This also provides a research platform purely for your services without the distraction of links to other sites

RetainMyCustomer App

Key Features Available:

  • Vehicle details, including insurance details and registration information
  • Receipts and invoices
  • Book service and/or maintenance
  • Accident assistance
  • Park your car
  • Parking timer and reminders
  • Fuel station locator
  • Promotions and sales specific to your business
  • Company news

This additional customisable app is available for dealerships that are serious about retaining existing customers. Designed to create loyal customers and improve business growth, it contains valuable driver services to maintain a deeper relationship with your customers and encourage repeat traffic.

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Do you create original automotive content?

Providing news and reviews for the MyVehiclePlus apps is a great way to promote your content to a wide and engaged audience.

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Advertising on MyVehiclePlus apps gives your business the opportunity to reach a highly specific and alert audience.

There are a variety of options and packages available to best suit your requirements and budget.

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